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Reading for Research Month Challenge Author, Carrie Charley Brown from the blog Carrie On… Together! has put together REFOREMO, Reading for Research Month Challenge. It’s a month long challenge supported by authors, illustrators and librarians for fiction and non-fiction picture book recommendations. This challenge is really a way for other authors and aspiring authors to […]

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Stop! Do Not Pass Go.

I am so disappointed, frustrated, upset, flummoxed and whatever similar adjective you can come up with.  While mulling over another prompt from Start the Year Off Write, I had a magnificent idea for a story.  I was so excited.  But (I know the dreaded but), I was in the middle of making dinner and instead of […]

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Inspiration “First”

I just recently found out about a writing challenge called Start the Year off Write.  It’s a challenge that Shannon Abercrombie hosts every January.  The challenge lasts 21 days.  During this time talented authors and illustrators share insights and tips on their writing practices, then they provide a prompt or homework for us to complete. Even though […]

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