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Okay, maybe not ALL about me, maybe a “little” about me.

I love to read and I save time to do it everyday, even if it’s only for 45 minutes.  It wasn’t until I started reading to my son, that my fondness for children’s books was rekindled.  I remember being fascinated by the beautiful and silly pictures.  And I remember being drawn into and falling in love with each character, whether it was a bear or frog and toad or a young girl named Holly Hobbie (okay, now I’m showing my age).  Each character was very special to me.  I love reading to my son, just knowing that he feels the same way about books and their characters, as I did at that age is a wonderful feeling.

IMG_4087I was born and raised in Maryland.  I lived in South Carolina for a short stint, before I continued on to Florida, where I lived for 20 years.   I have since moved back to Maryland and am enjoying the change of seasons.

With a degree in English from St. Petersburg College, I went into banking.  Seems a natural progression, don’t you think?  Since then I have made a few different career moves.  I am now self-employed and have been for the past eight years.  I did and do enjoy being self-employed, but I’ve felt something lacking.  In my down time, reading book after book after book, I said to myself, I can do this.  Actually I want to do this,  I have to do this, so I am!

And that brings us to the here and now.  Hopefully, you will see one of my books on the store shelves or on Amazon someday soon, until then, I venture on putting pen to paper.


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